It’s public knowledge that Carl Cox is ending his Space Ibiza residency after this summer, but he wants everyone to know he isn’t planning on ending his visits to the White Isle altogether.

Speaking exclusively to Mixmag for his July cover feature, Coxy reiterates that he’ll just be slowing down from 2017, not ending his relationship with Ibiza – and, by extension, touring – entirely.

“People think if I’m not doing Space, I’m not doing anything. Steady on! Take a breath! I’m going to slow down, no doubt about it. The travelling aspect is hard on my body, hard on my brain. I want to wake up in the morning and feel normal.

“I can’t sleep on demand in all these different time zones. I don’t want sleeping tablets, but I haven’t had a natural eight-hour sleep for years. I’m the consummate night owl but I can’t get back into a daytime rhythm. If I carry on I’m going to burn out. But I’m not over yet – far from it. I’ll just be doing less.”

Although he’ll no longer be the man in charge, he’ll “probably be guesting at DC10 like I have been for the last two or three years”, with him likely to be joining Marco Carola at Amnesia again and possibly doing parties at Dalt Vila. But only expect to see him “three or four times a year maximum from now on.”

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  • Belinda Brown

    can any one help me trying to find the event for june week of 19th

  • Tereza Louise Kirwan

    Any event on from the week of June 22nd – 29th? We are staying at the Hard Rock.

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